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11 июн. 2011 г.

FET Kizhi - 2005 - I survived it all... The cruel romance, pt.II

2009 - Всё я пережила... Жестокий романс, ч.2

The second part of album of urban romance compilation composed in the edge of XIX-XX centuries. The first one you can find here.

Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Lenght: 1:02:54
01. In the garden of the valley
02. I completely orphaned
03. I haven't seen my boyfriend anywhere
04. Katya-Katerina
05. Dear mama woke up early
06. The dearest hostess
07. Unhappy girls
08. Well, the lilacs blossomed beneath our window
09. In the one good place
10. Well, one green garden
11. The beautiful Anyuta
12. Wife have bounded her husband
13. Today is a sad day
14. Oh, don't sigh so, Sasha-Masha
15. I survived it all
16. It was on the dawn
17. Soon I will leave from here

Sample:  Dear mama woke up early


FET Kizhi - 2002 -
Traditional music
of Zaonezhie
FET Kizhi - 2004 -
Songs of Russian
FET Kizhi - 2005 -
The cruel romance,

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